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Mary Wells Stockett Yate

The Vale of Benjamin is the only link between John Soper and Mary Yate.

Following are four land transactions involving Mary Yate and the Vale of Benjamin.

           folio 561 indenture 14 Jul 1716
           From: John Soaper (sic), cooper of Prince George's County
           To:     John Cash, planter Prince George's County
John Soaper (sic)trades 100 acres of land part on Benjamin's Vale  (VALE OF BENJAMIN) lying in Prince George's County formally owned by Mary Yate a widow of Anne Arundel Couty, for a parcel of land in Prince George's County on the North Branch of the Patuxent part of a tract in possession of Henry Cox called Battson's Vineyard of 112 acres.signed: John Cash (mark and seal)witnessed : Patrick Hepburne, Jos Belt
note on side of document: see old Liber for omission including deed John Cash to John Soaper (sic).

John Soaper (sic) to John Cash trades 100 acres of Vale of Benjamin of land formally owned by Mary Yate a widow, for a parcel called Battson's Vineyard 112 acres
Indenture, 24 March 1696

From: MARY YATE of Anne Arundel County, widow
To: SAMUEL MAGRUDER of P. G. County, planter Price: 38 pounds sterling and 12 shillings Property: A 192 acre tract called Turkey Cock Branch in P. G. Co. on the western branch of the Patuxent River; bounding on land of MERREN (also spelled MARREEN) DEVALL and CHARLES WILLIAMS; being part of a tract called The VALE OF BENJAMIN. Signature: Mary Yate   Wit.: John Sprigg, Allexander Magruder (Mark), John Summers. Ackn'd: MARY YATE, 24 March 1696 Recorded: 24 March 1696/7, Vol. A, p. 40

Mary Yate a widow, selling 192 acre tract to Samuel Magruder called Turkey Cock Branch, being part of a tract called Vale of Benjamin.

Indenture, 29 June 1698 From: Mary Yate of Anne Arundel Co., widow To: Thomas James of P.G. Co. Price: 4000 lbs. tobacco Property: 100 acres tract being part of Vale of Benjamin on the west side of Patuxent River in the freshes; bounding on the land of John Cash, being part of the same tract. Signature: Mary Yate (mark) Wit.: William Barton, John Wight, John Hawkins Ackn'd: "made over in open court," 29 June 1698 Recorded: 13 June 1699, Vol. A, p. 162Mordicay Moore to Charles Burges regarding, George Yate and Mary his wife, the sale of 500 acres Westphalia to widow Ursula Burges.

Mary Yate a widow, selling to Thomas James 100 acre tract part of the Vale of Benjamin.

Folio 165a, Indenture, 10 Aug 1704.  From:  Mordicay MOORE, merchant of AA Co  To:  Charles Burges of AA Co  Get.  the late George Yate and Mary his wife of  AA Co, on 23 Nov 1687 sold 500 ac tract  called WESTPHALIA to  Widow Ursula Burges, since  wife of   Mordecay MOORE, now dec'd;  WESTPHALIA then lying in Calvert Co and now Pr George's on west side of main branch of dividing creek of Patuxent River; bounded  by land laid out for Benjamin Wells called the VALE OF BENJAMIN; 17 Nov 1700 Ursula Burges MOORE willed the land to her husband Mordicay MOORE to dispose of in whatever manner he  wished;  sold to Charles Burges, the natural son of Ursula.  Signed:  Mord'a MOORE.  Witnessed:  Th. Jones and John Beale. Endorsement:  Dr. Mordecay MOOREack'd deed before Samuel  Young and John Hill.   
I think that we can conclude that Mary Yate does not belong with John Soper, but that her husband's name is George Yate. Who then was Mary Yate?

Mary Yate is a married name not a maiden name. Here is what we know of Mary.

Mary Wells, (transported by Father in 1652) Daughter of Frances (White) and Richard Wells of Herring Creek, was born in 1631/1637 in Norfolk, Virginia.
She married Captain Thomas Stockett, (transported by brother in 1658), Born 29 Jul 1625 in Kent, England and married Thomas sometime before 1666 in Anne Arundel, Maryland. Thomas died in 31 Aug 1677 or1671 and devised Mary his entire estate during her natural life.
 Mary Wells Stockett married George Yate, the surveyor,; (born 1640, Ufton Court, Lyford,  Berkshire, England)  May 1671 in Anne Arundel, Maryland . He died in 1691/92 All Hallows's Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland. Mary Wells Stockett Yates died 21 Jan 1698/99 at All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland. George Yate arrives first in 1672 and a second time in 1680 as the Deputy Surveyor on Anne Arundel County. There is no indication as to how he arrived.
The following is from the register of All Hollows Parish- "Mary Yeates was Buried the 21st day of January Anne Domi 1698/99 in the parish of All Hollows." (Register, Maryland Historical Society Baltimore).

Her will was admitted to probate in Anne Arundel County on March 29, 1699, by the oaths of Joseph Hanslap, Thomas Hill, William Boyers and William Bailey. On July 31, 1699, her son Thomas Stockett exhibited her will before the Prerogative Court and was granted letters of administration with John Marshall and Mareen Duvall as the sureties. Warrants were accordingly issued to James Sanders, Sr., and Phillip Odell to appraise the estate. (Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 7, folio 335, Hall of Records)


On October 27, 1699, Thomas Stockett exhibited the inventory of the personal estate of Mary, which showed an appraisement of L 231/10/1 1 with James Sanders and Phillip Odell as the appraisers. (Testamentary Proceedings, Liber 18a, folio 11)

Will From Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 2 Yate, Mary, A. A. Co.,—– —– —–;
29th Mch., 1699. To son Thomas Stockett, ex., 211 A., “The Range” nr. Lyon's Ck., and his father's black walnut box with his coat of arms engraved thereon.
To dau. Frances, wife of Marein Duvall, dau. Eliza:, wife of Thomas Plummer, and to each grandchild living at time of testatrix' death, personalty.
To sons George and John Yate, residue of estate, including “Vale of Benjamin,” which is to be sold for their benefit.
Test: Jos. Hanslap, Thos. Hill, Wm. Byas, Wm. Bailey. 6. 212.

For those interested, Mary's husband George is featured in the book "Out of the Past, Prince Georgians and their land" By R Lee Van Horn, Published 1976.

There is an actual relationship between John Soper’s Daughter, Esther Soper and Mary Wells Stockett Yate.

1. Mareen Duvall 1630 France (transported 1659 by John Cenell (Covell)
     Marie Bouth 1635 France

   2.  Mareen Duvall  1662  Maryland
          Frances Stockett 1670 Maryland     *  Father Thomas Stockett 1634
                                                                       Mother Mary Wells 1637

      3.  Mareen Duvall 1687  Maryland
              Sarah Griffith 1685  Maryland

         4.  Mareen Duvall  1745  Maryland 
                  Esther Soper 1719  Maryland

Mareen Duvall 4 grandfather Mareen Duvall 2 married Frances Stockett; her parents were Thomas Stockett and Mary Wells. After Mary’s husband Thomas died she married George Yate.